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UV bathtub refinishing system by the PBRA

May 28, 2010

On April.29,2010 The First PBRA UV University Class was held in Saginaw Michigan. Almost 20 Bathtub Refinishing Companies were present to witness the unveiling of three new exciting UV Refinishing products.

Also Present and witness to this event was Rich Mandrich of JELIGHT CORPORATION. Rich kicked off the event with the most important aspect of UV Bathtub, Tile, and Counter top refinishing. Safety! Safety! Safety!

Rich Mandrich was our chosen guest speaker because of his vast general knowledge of UV lights and coatings but more importantly   his attendance was key to a successful class because of his honest feed back he was able to provide because of his close ties to the UV bathtub and Tile Refinishing industry. Rich has sold over300 UV lights to many in the UV bathtub Tile  and counter top refinishing industry.  His extremely favorable highly experienced opinion in this vertical market of all  the new UV Refinishing products lend third party credibility in regards to product performance and aesthetics.

Take time to review his Letter sent to the PBRA for as his description pretty much sums up this unprecedented event.

“Simply Prepare the surface, spray the coating, then cure”

Regarding the Jelight unit: I have to admit that while we always thought the unit was to heavy for this industry and would restrict portability the power and dependability makes the weight of the unit worth the extra effort.

Kevin Spencer of New Finish Technologies hosted the PBRA event and unveiled one the most innovative UV Refinishing Counter Top Products to date. Kevin has developed a 100 % UV Stain system for almost any hard surface. The product is completely roll-able or brush-able making it Refinisher Friendly with minimal masking almost zero fumes or odor. The Natural look and feel of these shimmering stains are almost beyond belief. The color combination’s are limited only by your imagination.

All present had the opportunity to use three types of UV lights. HID’s MAKO, JELIGHT, the Adastra Starlet.

With all the new UV products and techniques featured the one that seems to be getting all the attention is our UV bathtub and Tile refinishing Coating.

We have worked Full time tirelessly on this product for over 18 Months with one of the most renowned UV coatings manufactures in the industry to ensure the success of this UV bathtub and Tile Refinishing Coating System. The PBRA has attended and participated in almost each and every UV seminar or convention making us the most pro active uv bathtub refinishing company seeking facts and education as new technologies come available. Shows such as the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, The show most recently in Baltimore Maryland.

We know many have had negative results with other products from other distributors or manufactures giving UV refinishing a negative impression. This is why the PBRA UV Bathtub and Tile refinishing coating system was tested vigorously prior to any release to our members.

It is also important to note that we would  not allow our UV bathtub and tile refinishing coating to be sold to any member until PBRA Members had the opportunity to witness in person and in real time from start to finish the actual refinishing of the bathtub in this video.

This Clawfoot Bathtub Refinishing process  was sprayed by Nathan Oettinger of The Painted Otter Refinishers a company featured in the New York Times and Phil Simmons of Maryland Tub and Tile.

It was then Cured By Al Perez of Global Refinishing using the Jelight provided by Rich Mandrich.

Here are a  few of the Attendees, participants and witnesses to this most significant event in the UV bathtub refinishing industry.
Jonathan Gleason of Porcelain Patch and Glaze since 1938
Tim, Miracle Solutions Las Vegas Nevada
Jim, Resuface Pros Chicago Illinois
Dennis, All Bright Refinishing Tennessee
Phil Simmons, Maryland Tub & Tile
Peter, Robbins Tub Repair Ashville North Carolina
Lyle, Innovative Counter-top Resurfacing New Mexico
Don, The Tub Wizard Pittsburgh PA
Chris Titus, Custom Tub and Tile
Scott , Surface Solutions Detroit Michigan
Chris, Glaze Pro South Carolina
Mark Smith, Go Green Reglazing
Nate & Jessica, Painted Otter
Mike Berterand, Bathtub Solutions
Mark, Fitzgerald Creative Coatings
Al Perez, Global Refinishing
Mike Maddocks Tubdoctor Utah
Rich Mandrich Jelight Corporation ( Guest Speaker UV Lighting Safety )

In closing we wish to thank all our members who attended and a special thanks to Rich Mandrich of Jelight Corporation for attending. We also Thank HID for providing us the Mako unit, and Adastra Technologies for their tireless efforts to improve the smallest and most powerful light available.

Rich Mandrich Jelight Corporation

The PBRA has discovered that the choice of UV lights for the bathtub refinishing industry is like choosing a spray gun. Many Refinishes have a spray gun for primers, one for topcoats, and one for multicolor paints. It’s the same with lights. Some are better suited for different tasks.


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