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Resurface Solutions for UV Bathtub Refinishing by PBRA 888-414-8827

May 28, 2010



The Bathtub Refinishing industry has been searching for UV Resurfacing Solutions for almost two years.  This has been a topic  of man heated  debates. Some negative that serve no purpose other than to demonstrate their inability to cope with new technology and to flood the internet with  their mindless scrawling  in a subversive attempt to protect their conventional outdated techniques and lagging product sales.

Others choose the moral high ground  have actually put some work into their investigations.  Without a doubt the most proactive efforts and the most pronounced break  through and successes have been put for  and accomplished by the Original Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association as evident by the facts noted in the balance of this blog. After many years of research and development with the leading UV coating developer the original  Professional Bathtub Refinishing Association America and Canada has been recognized  by many prominent uv coating and uv lighting companies in the UV refinishing industry. The PBRA  have indeed solved  the issue and found many UV Resurfacing Solutions to finally end this debate. SEE VIDEO We were surprised and honored to learn  a recent nomination on our behalf was put forth by a  member.

Emerging Applications Award Submission

The 2010 RadTech Emerging Applications Awards will be presented at the upcoming RadTech UV/EB Technology Expo & Conference 2010, May 23-267, 2010, Baltimore, MD. Award nominees must be end users of UV and/or EB technology. Show Baltimore Md. May,2010

Application Title/Name: Bathtub Refinishing Industry gets Greener with the Introduction of UV Technology

Nominating Person: Christy Dennis
Marketing Director
Adastra Technologies, Inc.
23520 Telo Avenue, Suite #5
Torrance, CA 90505
310 230-9538

Managing Partner Mark Kittredge and PBRA of MaryLand Phil Simmons

Post Show PBRA Members Invite Hawk Labs for Dinner
Name(s), Title(s) and Company(s) Affiliation and Contact information of Nominee(s): Gary Goel, Mark Kittredge
Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association

UV technology has successfully emerged into the bathtub, countertop and cabinet industry. One company, Professional Bathtub Refinishers Association (PBRA), is credited with taking the concept of UV and turning it into reality for its industry.

The company spent 18 months researching the advantages and disadvantages of UV, performing long-term beta testing with leading manufactures that are highly respected and most recognized  members of the worlds most leading authority regarding UV technology, in America and Canada before introducing UV into the vertical bathtub refinishing market and industry.

The PBRA provided specific coating requirements for its market segment, based on ASTM standards to its selected UV formulator Allied Photochemical. The prerequisites included, adhesion, scratch and chemical resistance, impact resistance and specific industry requirements. Further specifications have been developed to ensure proper application of the UV products, which include: Clear and Color Primers, Clear Matte and Gloss Top Coats and a variety of others and the first UV Single Stage UV tub and Tile coating system with adhesion promoters engineered into the coating. Simply prepare the bathtub, spray and cure for the most porcelain like finish.

After intense research, the founders also selected a lightweight, self-ballasting hand-held lamp (Starlet 300 D-Lux) from Adastra Technologies, Inc. The portable lamp and coatings were then tested together and feedback was given to both manufacturers to improve the final products. The company redesigned its Web site ( in late 2009 announcing the benefits of UV, explaining the UV process and posting instructional videos. They provide an entire UV package to PBRA members which includes UV coatings (primer base coat, pigmented, and top coat in matte or glossy), safety instructions and training. Safety training is a critical part of PBRA’s mission to the marketplace.

They conduct UV University training sessions, which provide the users of UV products important safety information about UV and its application. The transition into field-applied coatings for the re finishers is transforming the industry. The bathtub, countertop and cabinet industry is already a green market; because the process saves energy, landfill space, trees, money and time. However, the downside for the current industry practice is the use of solvent-based products (acid, acrylic, urethane and epoxy) which are harmful to the environment and require long cure times.

The introduction of UV technology is escalating green practices. Refinishers using UV coatings are protecting the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and meeting certain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements. The process of refinishing a bathtub using UV technology still requires the same prep work and application of spraying the material, but the use of 100 percent solid UV coatings and a UV lamp means there are no long lasting off gassing noxious, harmful fumes, the job is completed in hours instead of 1-2 days and the bathtub is immediately within 2 seconds ready for use.

After 8 Years  of  launching its Web site, PBRA has 20 members using UV technology and many more exploring the process. The company will be launching a new UV portal in May 2010 as it continues to perfect the technology and expand the market. They’ve also recently introducing a new  liquid metallic stain is applied after the primer coat providing a granite appearance, which is highly desirable in the counter top industry. It is clear that PBRA is bringing UV technology to the forefront of field applications and turning this emerging technology into a proven market for the bathtub, counter top and cabinet industry.

For more information regarding UV Bathtub Refinishing read about our UV University and see photos of the first UV University Class held on April, 29,2010. Or Visit our web site

Rich Mandrich of Jelight Corporation

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